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Eric Moroney - Master Artisan & Founder

Lusso Venetian Finishes

Lusso is a nationally acclaimed luxurious finishes studio in Sydney. 

The Studio comprises a team of master artisans with experience creating luxe finishes for hotels, spas, restaurants, bars, galleries and exclusive residences. 
Lusso’s approach is not formulaic or style-driven but inspired by history and the science of materials. From the classic elegance and clean lines of Marmorino to the earthy and moody Clay and the natural warmth of Travertino, the artisans call on age-old techniques to create atmospheres that are rooted in the past and connected to the future. 
At the heart of Lusso’s work is a profound commitment to the individual and their experience of a space. With the careful study of a project’s context and a client’s style, Lusso collaborates closely with designers, architects and builders to achieve finishes that are both expressive and highly functional

Eric’s love for natural, luxury finishes started from early in his career. Having gained experience as a renderer in Ireland, he was introduced to the beauty of Venetian plaster by an Italian master. He was deeply inspired by the science of the material and the ability to create extraordinary spaces utilising techniques that have remained relatively unchanged for centuries. 


Eric took his craft back to Ireland to work on castles, bell towers and other heritage projects. Following a number of iconic projects, Eric established his studio in Sydney to introduce the masterful Venetian finishes to Australian clients.


With an insatiable passion for natural materials, Eric is perpetually innovating new textures, styles, colours, and effects. He has already proven himself as an intriguing talent in the surface finishes world in residential and hospitality across Sydney and beyond.

"I live and breathe what I do. Like a chemist, I’m always experimenting, while always staying true to the principles of the ancient technique.” – Eric Moroney

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